Father Theodore a native of Boston, MA. Received a BA in Anthropology and a BA of Fine Arts degree from the state University of New York at Buffalo,  and a Master in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. Father Theodore received his seminary training at Holy Trinity seminary, Jordanville and studied under two eminent masters of iconography archimandrite Cyprian and Archbishop Alypy of Chicago. Father Theodore credits his work with both these masters at Holy Trinity Monastery, as sealing is interest in iconography. Ever since that time, throughout his priesthood he has been painting or, as it is sometimes called “writing” icons. He has become known for developing an aesthetic that involves elements of both Slavic and Greco-Byzantine traditions of iconography. Father Theodore has adopted both the “poeticness “ of the Slavic style and the “impact” of the Byzantine Style. Father Theodore has painted numerous churches in most jurisdictions for professionally for about 50 years. Realizing that every architectural setting sets the mood of the given parish church he adapts his work to the existing space while arranging certain icons according to the standard placing in the Orthodox tradition he nevertheless, allows for specific variations according to the architecture of every unique interior. Some churches due to its particular interior architecture allow every inch of the interior surface to be painted and some more loosely approached. Fr. Theodor has accomplished his success or notoriety through his many thousands of finished pieces and countless church decorations with the aid and collaboration of his main iconographic and very talented assistant Valentin Streltsov. Father Theodor was guest of Man Alive and is also been invited by different colleges and universities to lecture such as University of Ottawa and Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, St. Michaels College and Guide lecturer at the Royal Ontario Museum, Byzantine Collection.


Ksenia Sapunkova was born and grew up in Lviv, Ukraine. She graduated with BA of Sculpture from Lviv College of Decorative & Applied Arts after I. Trush and BA of Illustration Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. She joined the studio as an iconographer’s assistant In 2008 and participated in all major icon installations at the Byzantine Studio.

Valentin Streltsov was born in Lvov, USSR.  As a professional iconographer he has collaborated with Father Theodore for 26 years on various iconographic projects. Valentin earned his Masters degree from Lviv College of Decorative And Applied Arts after I. Trush. Beside the numerous churches that Mr. Streltsov has participated he is also in many important private collections including the Vatican. Valentin is a recipient of numerous awards.  From a very early age Valentin has worked on several painting projects (murals, mosaics) in Lvov, and other cities of formal USSR. Since 1986 he has also restored icons for private collections. 1988 - 1989, Valentin worked on restorations of Byzantine styled icons for churches, antique stores and private collections in Western Europe. He also painted Byzantine styled icons commissioned by Orthodox and Catholic Churches, Convents and many private collectors. Since 1990 Iconographer resides in Toronto, Canada. 1990-1996, he was commissioned by Emils Design Ltd. To work on several Iconographic projects. Together with Emil Telizin designed Iconostas, painted Icons and designed and award-winning Byzantine style mosaics (Smithsonian institution award for the best Byzantine style mosaics in North America). During 1991-2008 - helped decorate over 30 churches with his teacher, and colleague Fr. Theodore Koufos. In 2007 after decorating the Papal Chapel of Apostolic Nunciate in Ottawa (Canada), Valentin Streltsov was awarded an Pontifical Medal by Pope Benedict XVI. In the same period of time Valentine has designed several Iconostases, painted hundreds of Traditional Byzantine style Icons commissioned by Orthodox Churches, Byzantine Catholic Churches and for believers and private individuals worldwide, and decorated several Orthodox and Eastern right Byzantine Catholic Churches with Byzantine murals.  Valentin continues to work with Fr. Koufos on the numerous Icon projects.