If you are planning to build a new Church or your Old Church in need of redecorating or remodeling, we can guide you step by step on your project. We will cooperate with your builders and architect and guide them thru the process of designing and constructing the Church so you can avoid common mistakes in building contemporary Byzantine / Orthodox Church.

Our services:

Byzantine Iconography – murals, icon panels:
On the traditional wooden Icon boards and
on the modern materials such as MDF, canvas.

Traditional iconographic techniques: Egg and casein tempera on the panels.

Secco (on the wall).
Gold leafing on the polyment.

Modern techniques:
Acrylic base tempera, guash, watercolor.
Gold Leafing on varnishes, water base glues.

Restorations and preservation of the traditional icons and murals.

Architectural designs:

Wood carving.
Glass etching.
Stained glass.
Bronze and Iron designs.
Sculptures and monuments.

Manuscript illuminations and illustrations.
Coat of arms.

Professional photography and ecclesiastical artifacts appraisal.

Icon painting and Gold leafing workshops (master classes).

Iconographers supply store