Why Your support matters 

We are the only professional  Byzantine Icon studio in Canada and one of the few in whole Western hemisphere. Our studio beautifies Orthodox and Byzantine right churches for the past 30 years and paints Byzantine style traditional icons and murals for believers and churches all around the world.  

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All Iconographers in our studio are committed to preserve the 2000 years old tradition and canons of Byzantine iconography without compromising the quality and beauty of the most ancient Christian Art form. The traditional technique and art materials we use allow icons and murals to last for many generations. These days most of our materials have to be custom ordered and cost ten to twenty times more than premium art supplies available in store. In terms to create murals a large studio space is required.

Here are some numbers:

  • Studio rent + maintanence fee is $2200/monthly
  • Custom made paint: Cadmium Red Light 16oz  $250 + tax + shipping
  • Genuine Gold Leaf 23Kt-24Kt  - $1200-$1800 per box of 500 3"x3" leafs

The minimum order for custom made paint is $2000 with the waiting time of 1-2 month.

Our goal is to make icons more affordable to small religious communities and missions.

We would like to continue to preserve Traditional Christian form of art in Western Hemisphere by bringing Byzantine Iconography to Christian communities and educate them about its history  and traditional iconographic canons.


You can support our Byzantine Icon Studio by ordering iconography from us,

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You can also  recommend our studio to your Church or to make a donation.


Any amount is greatly appreciated !